Black Friday 2020: Are you ready?

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One of the most commercial holidays of the year is approaching. Are you sure you have done everything in your power to take advantage of the huge volume of traffic and sales of Black Friday … so that you do not paint them black?

Black Friday is a global phenomenon, which originally started in technology stores and has now conquered various types of businesses, operating both online and offline, even B2B companies.

This foreign custom, as everything shows, holds well in Greece as well. As early as the beginning of November, the Inbox is flooded with informative newsletters or pre-sales, thus building the anticipation for the vertical fall of prices on Black Friday, which this year falls on November 29 and Cyber ​​Monday that follows.

Greeks plan to spend about 242€ per person in online and physical stores.

The above statistic results from a survey for Black Friday in Greece, conducted by Black-Friday.Global.

In fact, many consumers have stored in their wishlists the products they want and are kept with their fingernails and teeth not to press the buy button until dawn that Friday.

The most important facts about Black Friday 2020

1. The peak of shopping activity takes place at midnight and 2-3 p.m.

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2. During Black Friday a Greek buys 4 products. The most popular categories are:

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3. Greeks plan to spend about 242 € per person in online and physical stores, while the majority of purchases will be made via mobile.

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As you can see, the anticipation is great! And consumers have many requirements from shopkeepers both in terms of price and in terms of experience and service. According to the above survey, 64.5% of those who participate in Black Friday will chase the offers, will visit both the stores and the internet, 20.7% will look for opportunities only in physical stores, while 14.8% will select only online stores.

See below what you can do to make sure your website can cope with this huge demand that will increase dramatically and last for three days and do not disappoint your customers.

3 tips to prepare your website for Black Friday & Cyber ​​Monday

1. Start early.

Consumers have already started their “training”. So why not entice them by offering them unique, unbelievable offers in anticipation of Black Friday?

What you can do is create a landing page, which announces the start of Black Friday with the help of the countdown. On this landing page there will also be a form that will invite the visitor to fill it out to be the first to be informed about the exact start time of the offers for Black Friday or even to choose the products he wants to see at a discount. This is the most common practice and you have certainly seen it applied by various e-shops.

The purpose of this action is to obtain new leads, which can be used in the future in personalized marketing actions, via email. In fact, a marketing automation platform allows you to make the most of the leads you have collected, turning them from simple stakeholders to customers.

2. Check the loading time of your website or e-shop

There is nothing more annoying when you want to see the products of a website and the page loads at a snail’s pace. Especially when it comes to such a period of such big discounts the anticipation is huge and time is key to catch the best product at the lowest price. So your customers have a lot of anxiety about their performance, why intensify it?

46% of consumers say they would never return to a site that is slow to load. The conclusion is yours to make!

So what you can do is make sure that your website or e-shop does not take long to load. Google web.dev will help you see the loading time of your page and will give you suggestions for improving the loading speed, in order to improve it.

If you have a lot of images, Google has the solution here with another new tool, Squoosh. Squoosh will help you reduce the image size and load time of your page.

3. Avoid downtime

Shutdown time does not benefit anyone, neither your business nor your customers. Especially if this happens during peak hours. The solution is simple. Test your server’s loading capabilities with tools like LoadImpact.com.

And after Black Friday, the holidays come. The above tips will be useful for that period as well. Once you get rid of it, contact us. Your website may need updating.

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